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Why Exhibit

•    Gain access to abundant investment opportunities in Iraq’s agro-food sector

•     Meet potential buyers and distributers and sign agreements on the spot

•     Introduce your products, equipment, and services into a highly-demanding market

•     Network with government officials and high-ranking decision-makers to seal partnerships

•     Discover the latest developments and trends in the industry straight from the source

•     Generate genuine sales leads and expand your business network

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Market Insights
  • $6.7 billion worth of food and agricultural products was imported by Iraq in 2016

  • $2.9 billion of food was exported from Turkey to Iraq in 2016

  • $4.9 million tons of wheat is required by Iraq annually by 2024-2025

  • $129 million worth of agricultural products was exported by Iraq

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From Monday, 08 October
To Thursday, 11 October

Daily opening hours:
10:00 AM - 05:00 PM


Local Inquiries
Mr. Georges Khoury
Mr. Georges Khoury
Tel: +964 750 5800243
International Inquiries
Mr. Ghassan Nawfal
Mr. Ghassan Nawfal
Tel: +961 5 959 111 | Ext: 118
Fax: +961 5 955 361


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